Creating Audio Ads with Music from Text

AI Tools Podcast Tools Creating Audio Ads with Music from Text

You can create rich, vibrant audio ads from text or let OneCMS AI create the ad copy for you! It’s an easy way to create ads for podcasts, on-air, or even spec spots to show to your prospective advertisers.

Creating Audio Ads

Audio ads are created in the traditional area where you would normally upload your pre-roll audio ads. You can access this section from the Monetize link within a podcast.

monetize link


You can also access Audio ads from the left side menu under Podcasts.

audio ads menu link


This will redirect you to the Audio Ads listing screen, where you’ll see all your previously created audio ads. Click either the New Audio Ad or New Audio Ad from Text button to create a new audio ad.

new audio ad button


On the Create Audio Ad screen, the process works the same as when you upload a Pre-Roll MP3. However, in this case, you’ll be creating the audio instead of uploading an audio file. Click the Generate Audio Ad from Text button to open a modal where you can create your new audio ad.

open audio ad modal

On the right side of the screen, you can sample various voices and background music to decide which assets you want to use in your audio ad. You can filter music by genre and mood to match your ad’s tone.

sample voices and music


On the left side, you can enter your the text of your ad (if you already have it) in the Ad Copy field.

ad copy field

Or, you can have OneCMS AI write the ad copy for you by clicking the Write Ad Copy with OneCMS AI link. The modal will open a text box where you can enter a description of your ad for OneCMS AI to generate.

write ad copy with onecms ai link


After adding a brief description of the ad, click the Generate Ad Copy button. After a few seconds, custom ad copy based on your description will populate the Ad Copy field.

generate ad copy


Ad any point when creating your ad, you can click the Listen button to preview what your ad will sound like before you save it.

listen button

You can select the voice, background music, and speed of the voice to dial in the perfect ad.

select voice and music


Once you have the ad the way you like it, click the Save button at the bottom of the modal. This will generate the mp3 file and associate it with the Audio Ad.

save audio ad


Select the podcast you want to associate with the ad (or download the MP3 file for use elsewhere) and click the Publish button to activate the ad.

publish button