Viewing Bandwidth and Storage Usage

Administration Data Usage Viewing Bandwidth and Storage Usage

OneCMS offers all clients the ability to view how much bandwidth they have used for the month to date and past months historically.  They can also view how much storage they are currently using.  We break down both of these usage fields by media type.  VideoAudioImages, and Other (non-media files like pdf, etc…)

Storage pertains to the total server space consumed by your website, predominantly by media files integrated into your content. These files encompass a wide range, from images and PDFs to audio and video files.
Bandwidth quantifies the data transferred between your website and its end users. The volume of data transferred hinges on various factors, primarily contingent on the size of the files downloaded. Bandwidth usage accumulates as users access your website and whenever someone downloads a file from the server.

Reviewing Bandwidth and Storage Usage

To access your Data Usage statistics, simply click on the Data Usage link located within the One CMS Dashboard.

data usage menu item

You will be directed to the Data Usage screen, which is divided into several key usage screen

By default, the data will correspond to the current month up to the present date. However, you can easily explore historical data by using the month selector dropdown situated at the top of the page.

data month

The initial section provides a breakdown of the data presented in a tabular format.

data table

Please bear in mind that Bandwidth is perpetually measured on a monthly basis, whereas Storage is evaluated cumulatively.

Following this, the subsequent two sections offer the same data but in graphical form, segmenting Bandwidth Usage and Storage Usage, rendering the information more visually accessible.

data graph

Viewing Company Bandwidth

You can also view an overview of your entire Company’s bandwidth usage by clicking the Company / Market tab at the top of the screen.

company data

This will list all the websites associated with your company and their data usage segmented by market.

company data screen