Adding Links to Menus

Menus Menus Adding Links to Menus

In our previous tutorial, we explored menu creation. However, most users won’t need to create an entirely new menu. The default menus that come with your website are usually sufficient. However, you might want to add links to these menus. This tutorial covers adding pages, posts, categories, custom links, and more to your menu.

Adding Links

To add links to your menu, go to Appearance » Menus

menu menu item

This will take you to the Edit Menus screen, which is divided into two columns.

  • On the left column, you’ll see the various items you can add to your menu. These range from links to the various pages on your site to category archive pages. You can also add custom links.
  • The right column is where you can add and adjust menu items. If you already have an existing menu, it will be loaded automatically.

initial menu screen

Select the Menu to Work On

If you have multiple menus, choose the one you want to work on from the Select Menu dropdown and click Select.

select menu

Content You Can Add to a Menu

On the left side, you’ll find various items you can add to your menu. These options may vary depending on your website’s configuration. You can add Pages, Posts, Custom Links, Categories, Event Categories and a variety of other links.

menu link types

Adding Pages or Posts

In the Pages or Posts section, you can browse through your most recently created pages and posts, view all of them, or search for specific ones.

pages menu items

Select the checkbox next to each Page or Post you want to add to your menu, and they will be instantly added to your menu on the right.

add page to menu

Adding Custom Links

If you want to add a link to an external location (like your social media page, etc), use the Custom Link option.

  • Click on the Custom Link tab in the left-hand column to expand it.
  • Add the URL and the link text (the clickable text for the link), then click Add to Menu.

menu custom link

Adding Categories

To add a link to a category archive page to your menu, click on the Categories tab to expand it. You will see your blog categories listed there.

What are Category Archive pages?

Category Archive pages display a list of posts linked to a specific category, typically with the most recent posts appearing at the top.

Select the categories you want to add to the menu, then click “Add to Menu.” This process works the same for Event Categories.

add category to menu

Editing Links:

When adding pages or categories, OneCMS uses the page title or category name as the link text. However, you can edit these link texts easily.

Click the downward arrow next to a menu item, and it will expand. You can now modify the link text.

edit menu link

Creating Nested Drop-Down Menus

Nested menus, also known as drop-down menus, are a way to structure your navigation with parent and child menu items. Drag a menu item just below a parent item and slightly to the right to make it a sub-menu item.

create submenu

Pro Tip

If you want to create a top-level menu item that doesn’t link anywhere, use a Custom Link menu item with “#” as the URL.

Removing a Menu Item

Removing a link is as simple as editing it.

  • Click on the downward arrow icon next to a menu item, and you’ll find a Remove link.
  • Click it to remove the link from your navigation menu.

remove menu item

Save Your Changes

Once you finish editing your menu, click the Save Menu button.

save menu button

Your changes will be applied to your website. In some cases, this may require clearing the cache.

menu on site