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Overview of OneCMS Banners

  1. How OneCMS Banners Work

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How OneCMS Banners Work

Your website’s advertising revenue is paramount to your business. OneCMS has designed an ad-serving mechanism that prioritizes simplicity, speed, and rich statistical insights to keep you informed about your ad performance.

Before we delve into creating ads, let’s briefly explore how ad serving functions within OneCMS.

Banner Bins

In OneCMS, banners are served through a very straightforward process.

When you create a banner and want to traffic it to a specific website location, you would target a Banner Bin. Banner Bins act as locations for you to traffic banners to specific areas of your website.

Banner Bins are placed in various areas of your site by using the Advertise widget

Here’s a simplified way to look at it:
In the image below I have three banner bins placed on my homepage:

  • Home Left Skyscraper
  • Home Med Rectangle Slider Right
  • Home Leaderboard

For example, if I choose to traffic some skyscraper banners to the Home Left Skyscraper Banner Bin, I can be confident that these ads will be visible on the left side of my homepage. Why? Because that’s the specific location where the Home Left Skyscraper Banner Bin was placed.

banner locations


Run of Site vs. Targeting Banners

Now that we understand how banners appear on your website, let’s explore how you can instruct a banner to display exclusively on specific pages, categories, shows, and more!

Targeting Banners

Even if the Banner Bin is set to appear on every page of your website, you can specify that an individual banner should only display on selected pages. This is where targeting comes into play.

While creating a banner, you can define that it should appear on one or more of the following attributes:

  • Specific Pages
  • Events in specific categories
  • Specific Contests
  • Galleries with specific tags
  • Posts in specific categories
  • Specific podcasts
  • Various utility pages (e.g., your 404 page)

Simply check the targeting options when creating a banner, and that banner will exclusively appear on the chosen areas of your website (note that the Banner Bin you added the banner to must also be present in those areas).

banner targets

Run of Site Banners

What if you prefer not to bother with targeting banners or if you have a banner that should run wherever the Banner Bin is located on your site? You can designate it as a Run of Site banner. This informs the system that any page where the Banner Bin resides should display the ad.

ROS checkbox

Run of Site vs Targeted Banner

It’s essential to note that if there are targeted banners within the same banner bin, they will take precedence and may display more frequently than Run of Site banners.

Ready to kickstart your ad campaigns? Let’s move on to learning about creating Banner Bins.


Banners and Advertising

Overview of OneCMS Banners

  1. How OneCMS Banners Work

Banner Lightwindow

  1. Banner Lightwindow