Differences Between Posts and Pages

Posts and Pages USING THE POSTING TOOLS Differences Between Posts and Pages

OneCMS offers two primary content types: posts and pages. It might initially seem confusing, but let’s clarify the differences and when to use each:


  • Purpose: Posts are ideal for blogs and content that needs to be displayed in reverse chronological order, often on your homepage or a landing page. They are timely and archived by month and year as they age.
  • Organization: You can categorize and tag posts, making it easier for users to find related content.
  • Interaction: Posts encourage user engagement and discussion on social networks or commenting.


  • Purpose: Pages are static, timeless content like your about page, privacy policy, or legal disclaimers. They don’t have a publication date and don’t appear in RSS feeds.
  • Interaction: Pages are generally not meant for dynamic engagement. They provide essential information but don’t encourage conversation.


In summary, posts are best suited for dynamic, regularly updated content, such as blog posts, news articles, and discussions, while pages are used for static, evergreen content like essential information and site pages.