Creating a Form

Forms and Polls Forms Creating a Form

To start creating a new Form, navigate to Forms > New Form.

new form menu link

After clicking New Form, you will be prompted to provide a Title and Description for your new form.

It’s required to assign a name to your form before you proceed, but you can always modify it later if necessary. Once you’ve completed these fields, click Create Form.

form title and description

Constructing Your Form

The “Create Form” page consists of two main sections:

  • Form Builder (on the left side): This is where your form takes shape.

form builder

  • Form Field Toolbox (on the right side): This is where you can select form fields and drag them into your form.

form fields

Each new form starts with some common fields that you remove from the form editor if you don’t plan on using them.

To add a form field, simply click on the desired field and drag it to where you want it to appear within your form.

drag and drop field

You can edit individual form fields by clicking the field you want to work on. This will open the field editor interface on the right, allowing you to fine-tune the available field options.

click field

For example, you can set a label for a form field or make it required.

To remove form fields, select the form field and click the trash can icon.remove field

Saving your Form

After you’ve added your preferred Form Fields, click the Save Form button at the top of the right column to save your newly created form.

save form button

Adding a Form to a Post or Page

After you’ve created your form, you can easily insert it into a post or page with just a few clicks. When editing a post or page, you’ll find the Add Form button right above the editor.

add form button

Click the Add Form button and select the form you want to add into your post or page.

  • You can choose to display the form title and description.

Once you’re prepared to embed the form, click the Insert Form¬†button, and the form shortcode will be inserted into the post editor at your cursor’s location.

add form to post