Form Entries

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The Entries page is the hub for accessing and managing the data generated by form submissions.

Form Entries

To access the Entries page, click on the Entries link underneath the form you want to view the submissions for.

form entries link

The Entry list page allows you to browse all entries generated by form submissions. From this screen you can browse, sort, and modify your entry with a variety of options.

form entries list

Note: while you are in the Entry list page, you can use the Switch Form dropdown to choose the specific form for which you want to view entries.
switch form

Filter Toolbar

The filter toolbar is your ally for sorting through entries. You can choose to view all entries or apply filters for unread, starred, spam, and trash entries.

form filter

Entry Actions

By hovering over an entry, you can perform quick actions as outlined below:

form actions

  • Star: Use the star icon to flag important entries. You can access all starred entries for the current form by selecting the Starred link in the filter toolbar.
  • Mark as Read/Unread: Marking an entry as read when you want to acknowledge it without opening the entry detail view. You can also mark the entry as unread.
  • Spam: Mark the entry as spam.
  • Trash: Move the entry to the Trash.

Bulk Actions

You can perform bulk actions on multiple entries at once. Available bulk actions include marking entries as read/unread, sending entries to spam or trash, and more.

  1. First, select the checkbox next to each entry item you want to modify.
  2. Then, choose the desired action from the bulk action dropdown and click Apply.

bulk edit form entries

Entry Columns

One of the features of the Entries screen is the ability to pick and choose which columns should appear in the list based on available form fields.

To select the columns, click the Edit icon on the right of the entries list table header. This will display the Select Columns window.

You can drag and drop the columns you want to display from Inactive Columns to Active Columns to tailor your entries list as needed.

entry columns modal