Managing the UGC Inbox

Galleries User Generated Content Managing the UGC Inbox

Once you’ve created your gallery and added a UGC form for media submissions, it’s time to start accepting media from your audience.

How Your Audience Submits Media

Your website visitors can submit media through the UGC Form. Here’s how they use the form:

  • First, they fill out their name, email, and any comments they have about the image(s) they’re submitting.


  • If you’ve enabled multiple galleries to accept public submissions, your audience can choose which gallery to submit their images to.
  • The form will default to the gallery you specified in the shortcode or the gallery the form is attached to.
You can still change the gallery the images are being published to in the UGC Inbox before they are live on your site.

ugc-form select gallery

  • Visitors then browse and upload their images. They can upload multiple images if needed, but for this tutorial, we’re uploading just one image.
  • After uploading the image(s), they can give them a name and a caption.
  • Clicking the Upload Images¬†button sends the media to the UGC Inbox for your moderation.
UGC Form upload images

The UGC Inbox

The UGC Inbox’s main purpose is to approve and publish media submitted by your website visitors via UGC Forms. It’s straightforward to use. Here’s how it works:

The UGC Inbox lists all the submissions you receive. Approved submissions are shown with a white background (with a green check), while unapproved submissions appears with a yellow background.

You can filter the content you see in the Inbox using various parameters. You can view unverified media, verified items, or both (by default, you’ll only see unverified submissions).

Content can also be filtered by the date it was submitted.

Moderating Media in the UGC Inbox

Every piece of content submitted by your website visitors is moderated in a similar way. You can preview the content, adjust its destination gallery, edit its name and caption, and approve it for publication.

  • You can see how many images were included in a submission on top a thumbnail of the submission.
  • Clicking the thumbnail displays a full-size preview of the submission. If there are multiple images in the submission, you can navigate through them in a modal window.
  • By default, the image gallery that the user selected in the UGC Form will be where the image(s) are published, but you can change the destination gallery using the “Content Name” dropdown.
gallery dropdown
  • You can also view the email address, comments, and submission date and time.
submission details
  • Editing the image’s name and caption, or removing individual images from a multi-image submission, can be done by clicking the Edit¬†button.

Approving or Removing a Submission

This part is straightforward. You can Verify or remove a single submission using the Verify button on the submission (or Actions > Delete to remove)

verify single submission

To bulk verify or delete submissions, check the box next to one or more submissions and click Bulk Actions dropdown and select Verify Selected to approve and publish the images to the selected gallery. Alternatively, click Delete Selected to permanently delete the submissions, removing them from your website.


Once you approve a submission, you can filter the UGC Inbox to display verified submissions. This will display all of the recent media you verified.

  • You can navigate directly to the gallery it was published to by clicking the gallery name.
ugc gallery link

Approving Submissions via Email

You can also receive UGC submissions to your email where you can approve them without having to login to OneCMS.

To add an approval email address, go to UGC > UGC Settings and scroll down to the New Content Notification section and add your email address.

Now whenever a submission is made to the UGC Inbox, you’ll receive an email where you can preview the media and approve it all directly from the email, never having to log into OneCMS!

Preview submission from email


Approving an Image from Email

approve image from email