Content Discovery Dashboard

OneCMS Tools Discovering Content Content Discovery Dashboard

The Content Discovery Dashboard is a fantastic tool for finding and sourcing content for your website and sharing it on your social media accounts. You can view local and global stories by adding news or story feeds to your dashboard, helping you discover interesting content to write about or share with your audience.

The Content Discovery Dashboard

To access the Content Discovery Dashboard, click the Discover Content link in the OneCMS admin menu.

discover content menu

Your dashboard will initially be empty, but you can start adding feeds to it to populate it with content.

empty dashboard


Note at the top of the dashboard you see a Tab named “Main”.  This is your default tab where you can begin adding feeds.

main tab

You can create multiple tabs to organize your feeds by topic or interest. After all, you don’t want to wade through Politics news feeds while looking for Country Music news do you? Just press the Plus + button on the tab bar and enter a name for your new tab.

Add tab

When you add new feeds to your dashboard.  The feed will be added to whatever Tab you are currently within.

Adding RSS Feeds

Adding feeds to your Content Discovery dashboard is a crucial step to enhance your OneCMS experience. It provides you with inspiration for your content and keeps you updated on local and global events.

Adding a feed is easy. Click the Add New Feed button in the dashboard header.add new feed button

  • The Find Feed interface will open allowing you to search for various feeds to add to your Content dashboard.

find feed interface

  • Enter a search term, like “Ultimate Classic Rock” in the search field, and you’ll see a list of RSS feeds related to your search.
  • Choose the feed you want to add, and you’ll see its details on the right side.

search for feed

  • Click the Add Feed to Tab button to add the feed. That’s it!

add feed

Who can see my dashboard?

Your dashboard is yours! The limit is not shared with other users and each website you have access to will have its own dashboard for you to use.

Manually Adding an RSS Feed

If you already have an RSS feed you want to include, you can manually enter it by clicking the Add Your Own button next to the search bar in the modal.

add your own

Enter the feed name and URL, then click Add Feed to Dashboard to add it.

manually add feed

Search Column

You can expand the functionality of the Content Discovery Dashboard by adding the Search Column. A Search Column that lets you search for stories about….well, anything!  You aren’t tied into a feed; you can get story results from anywhere!

Click the Add New Search Column button and enter your initial search term.

To search for a new term or phrase, you can change the term on the fly without adding another search column.
new search term

Interacting with Feeds

Clicking on a story image or headline will take you to the full story on the source website.

preview story

Posting Stories to Social Accounts or Embedding into a Blog Post

At the bottom of every story in a feed column, there are two links, POST TO SOCIAL and ADD TO BLOG.

posting links

You can share content you find by clicking POST TO SOCIAL to post it on your linked Facebook & Twitter accounts.

post to social

Or, you can click ADD TO BLOG to embed the story from a feed into a blog post.

embed in blog

Managing Feeds

Once you have multiple feeds on your dashboard, you can scroll horizontally to view them.

scroll columns

You can also rearrange the order of the feeds by dragging and dropping them.

drag and drop columns

You can update feeds manually one at a time by clicking the refresh icon at the top of a feed column. This scans for new stories from the selected feed. You can also refresh the entire dashboard to check for updates from all feeds.

refresh column

To remove a feed column, click the delete icon at the top of the selected feed column.

delete icon