Linking your Social accounts to One CMS

OneCMS Tools Social Config Linking your Social accounts to One CMS

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to OneCMS. This will allow you to post on your One CMS website and share the same content on Facebook and Twitter simultaneously.

Social Config

Go to OneCMS Tools > Social Config.

social config menu

You’ll see buttons to link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

We’ll link a Facebook account below, but the process is exactly the same for Twitter. 

Click the Add Facebook Account button

link social buttons

You’ll be redirected to Facebook. Follow the prompts and authorize the connection. You may see a series of screens like this:


arrow down


arrow down


arrow down


After the last screen, you’ll return to the Social Config screen in OneCMS, where you’ll see your Facebook account(s) listed as linked.

Note: When linking Facebook accounts, you’ll also link any pages that you have posting permissions to in Facebook.

listing of Facebook accounts

Managing Your Linked Social Accounts

Now that you’ve linked your social accounts, let’s explore how to manage them within OneCMS.

  • Remove an Account: To remove an account from OneCMS, click “Delete.” This action will unlink the account, and you won’t be able to post to it via One CMS.
  • Make an Account Public (Optional): By default, only you can use a linked account. However, if you check the “Public Account” checkbox for an account, anyone with publishing permission on your website can also post to that account via OneCMS.

social account action links