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Video Video Episodes Publishing Video Episodes

OneCMS Video simplifies the process of adding video content to your website directly from the dashboard. It also automatically transcodes all uploaded videos for seamless online playback.

One CMS Video supports various video formats, including:


file extension type
mp4 video/mp4
m4a video/mp4
m4p video/mp4
m4b video/mp4
m4r video/mp4
m4v video/mp4
mov video/quicktime
qt video/quicktime
avi video/x-msvideo
wmv video/x-ms-wmv

Publishing Video Episodes

Access your Video episodes, both previously published and for creating new episodes, by navigating to Video > All Videos.

all videos menu item

  • This will take you to the Video listing screen, displaying your previously published videos.

To create a new video episode, click the Add New button at the top of the screen, or alternatively, you can select Add New from the Video menu.

add new video buttons

  • You’ll be directed to the Add New Video screen, which resembles the process of creating a post or page in OneCMS.

Start by giving your video a Name.

video name

Uploading Your Video

Next, upload your video by clicking the Select Video button. Choose and select the video you wish to upload.

upload video

After the video is uploaded and selected, it will undergo the transcoding process. During this, you can continue to fill out the remaining fields for the video episode or wait for the process to finish.

video processing

Once transcoding is complete, you’ll see a video preview with up to six poster images from the video’s frames (e.g., at 5 seconds and 10 seconds into the video).

video done transcoding

Poster Image

Select a Poster Image from those generated from the video. This image will be displayed when the video player loads before the user presses play. It also serves as the Featured Image for the Video episode post.

select poster image


Optionally, you can provide a description for your video episode. This description will appear on the Video Episode post page and when the video is paused or stopped in the player.

video description


  • If you’re using the built-in Video Pre-Roll for video advertising, you can associate an advertisement directly with a video episode.

Select the Pre-Roll advertisement from the dropdown, and it will play before the video episode.

Note that ads associated directly with an episode will override ads associated with the playlist(s) where the video episode is located.

pre-roll dropdown video

Tags (for Dynamic Playlists)

Add Tags to your video episode, just as you would for posts. Start typing a tag name, and if it already exists, it will be suggested to you. If it doesn’t exist, type the name and press Enter to create it.

add video tag

Playlists (for Manual Playlists)

In the Playlists metabox, you can manually select one or more playlists to add your video episode to.

Note that video episodes cannot be manually added to a Dynamic Playlist; this can only be done via tagging.

add video to playlists

Featured Image

The Featured Image is used on the post page for the Video Episode (not on posts where the video is embedded). By default, this is populated with the Poster Image you selected earlier, but you can override it by uploading a different image.

video featured image

Publishing the Video Episode

Once you’ve filled out the necessary details, you’re ready to publish the video episode. Click the blue “Publish” button in the Publish metabox.

Each time you create a video episode, a dedicated frontend video post page is automatically generated. This feature allows you to easily create direct links to your videos with unique URLs (and share on social media).

To access this video post page, click the View Post link on a video episode.

view link on video

On the video post page, you’ll find essential information, including the video’s Name and Description. Most importantly, you can watch the video episode using the Default Player.

  • Note that the player displays the Poster Image you selected earlier.

video post page

While you may opt to embed videos into written blog posts or playlists strategically placed on your site – having the Video post page serves as another valuable tool in your content arsenal, ready to be utilized when the need arises.



Overview and Settings

  1. Video Overview
  2. Video Settings

Video Players and Playlists

  1. Video Players
  2. Video Playlists

Trafficking Video Ads

  1. Video Pre-Roll

Video Widgets

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