Adding Staff Users to Your App

Apps UGC Adding Staff Users to Your App

Within your OneCMS app, users have the ability to upload various media types, including audio, images, and video, directly to your website’s UGC moderation queue.

You can designate Staff Users who bypass UGC Moderation. As a result, the content they upload via the app can be immediately published on your website.

In addition to this, they are equipped to send push notifications while uploading media in the app. Your Staff Users also act as moderators in your app’s Group Chat feature.

Adding a Staff User

To add a Staff User, go to UGC > UGC Settings.

In the Staff (Approved Users) Settings section, click the Add Staff button, and enter the user’s name and email address.

The email address associated with the Staff User should be the one they use in your app and may not be the same as the one they use to log into OneCMS.

staff user name email

Since anything this user uploads within the app will bypass the moderation queue, set a Default Gallery where any images they upload from the app will be published (Staff Users can change this gallery in the app while uploading images).

Only Galleries where the Staff UGC Submissions selection is checked will be available to choose as a Default Gallery for Staff Users.

staff ugc submissions

To select a Staff User’s Default Gallery, select the gallery from the dropdown.

select default gallery

Now click the Save Staff button.

save staff

Following this setup, the user will receive a confirmation email, notifying them that they have been added as a Staff User to your app. 

ugc approved email

IMPORTANT: The Staff User setup is not yet complete.

The new user must proceed with the following steps within the app to finalize their staff user status.

Staff User Initial App Login and Verification

These steps are to be carried out by the Staff User within your website’s app to verify their email and user.

  • The new Staff User should log in to the app . They can log in either by clicking the gear icon in the app header, or by accessing the Upload or Group Chats screens, which will also prompt the user to log in.

Already Logged in the App?

If the user is already logged into the app, they can logout of the app and then log back in which will force the app to cross-check the email address against staff users.

  • Click the Sign In button.
  • The user will enter their email address and click Next.

sign in app

  • They will enter their First and Last name and a password to use for signing into the app.

name password app


  • At this point, the app will cross-check the email address against the VIP Club. If the user’s email is recognized as a Staff User, they will need to verify their Staff User email.
  • The system will send an email to the Staff User containing a code to enter into the app to complete the Staff User verification.

verification code staff user

  • The user will enter the code into the app verification screen.

verify staff user in app


If the email address the Staff User signed up with is not yet associated with a VIP Club membership, the user will be redirected to sign up for the VIP Club.
  • Once they have successfully entered the verification code, their email address will now be labeled as Staff.

staff user in app

  • All of the Staff User’s uploads will bypass the moderation queue. While uploading media in the app, they can send app push notifications to your audience during the media upload.

push notification from in app

  • They will also gain moderator status in Group Chat.

moderator label