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The Home Content section of the App Manager is where you make selections regarding the content featured on the home screen of your app.

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Breaking News and Alerts

In this section, you can select the categories for Breaking News and Alerts. These categories enable colored banners to appear at the top of your app, with content displayed only if there is live content available in the selected categories.

  • To remove an alert or breaking news stripe, simply clear the live content from the selected category (or set to draft).

breaking news alert setting

  • The Breaking News content is showcased within a red container.
  • The Alert content displays in an orange container.

breaking news alerts on app

  • Note if you have live posts in both of the associated categories, both the breaking news and alerts will display on your app stacked.

Featured News

This segment defines the content that appears in the featured section at the top of the home tab in your app. Commonly referred to as the “slider section”.

  • You can activate the display of this section on your app by enabling the Enable Slider checkbox.
  • Select a category of content and specify the number of posts you want to showcase in the slider.
enable slider settings
  • Just as with podcasts and galleries, you can reorder the content by clicking on the Content Sorting link.
  • You can choose not to display post titles in the Featured section by checking the Hide Post Titles checkbox.

featured sorting content titles

You can also choose the layout for the featured content in the “Featured News Layout” section.

  • Each Layout has options to display the Author, Categories and Published Date

select slider app type

  • Mega Carousel is a more traditional slider that allows users to swipe through various stories.

mega carousel example

  • Hero+Carousel displays the first story in a static display at the top, with consecutive stories shown in a carousel beneath.

hero plus carousel example

Live Video Stream Widget

If you have set up a YouTube or Twitch Live Stream in the Stream Manager, you can opt to add it to the home screen of your app.

  • The widget will only be visible when there is an active live stream; otherwise, the section on your app’s home screen will be hidden.

live stream widget settings

Post/Podcast Home View Widgets

The Post/Podcast Home View Widgets section enables you to configure the content sections on the home screen of your app.

  • You can add up to 5 content sections, each displaying content from a single category on your website.

post podcast section home setup

Setting up a Widget

Add a Title for the section and select the content category to be displayed.

app widget title

Content to Show in the Widget

Next, select the Taxonomy of the content you want to display in the widget.

  • Post Category will display the posts from the selected category.

tax post category

  • Podcast will display the episodes from the selected podcast.

podcast tax

  • Podcast Category will display a list of podcasts from the selected iTunes categories, or all podcasts.

podcast category tax

  • Post Category Group displays a list of multiple categories.
    • Each features an image to represent each category (the Category Image can be setup in the Edit Category screen).
    • If a user clicks a category in the widget, they are brought to a screen with a list of the most recent stories from that category.

post category group widget

We’ll show examples of how various content display at the end of this tutorial.

Excluding Categories

When selecting to show posts from a Category, you can exclude any posts that are also published into other categories.

exclude category

Widget Layout

You can choose to display most types of content as lists or carousels.

app widget layout

  • The List layout showcases the initial story full-width, while the subsequent stories are presented in a traditional list, with the featured image positioned to the left of the title. This layout is well-suited for news and sports-related websites.

list layout app widget

  • The Carousel layout shows the feature image of each post with the title superimposed on it. The user can swipe through the stories. This layout works great on music sites.

carousel widget

Various Widget Examples


Here is an example of a widget set to show a Podcast in the List layout.

podcast layout example


Post Category Group

Here is an example of a widget setup to display a Post Category Group with three categories in the Carousel Layout.

  • Note how when a user clicks on a Category, they are brought to the latest stories from the selected category.

post category group example

Podcast Category

Here is an example of a widget setup to display a Podcast Category set to show ALL categories. It is displaying with a carousel layout.

  • Note how when a user clicks on a Podcast, they are brought to the selected Podcast screen.

podcast category widget app