Adding Pre-Roll Advertisements to Podcasts

Podcasting Monetizing Podcasts with Pre-Roll Adding Pre-Roll Advertisements to Podcasts

One of the great features of Podcasts is the opportunity to monetize them. You can attract podcast sponsors by incorporating short Pre-Roll ads before your episodes, increasing your revenue. Here’s how to create and manage Pre-Roll advertisements within OneCMS

Using Google Ad Manager for your Pre-roll?

This tutorial provides guidance on employing OneCMS’s built-in Pre-Roll system. You can learn how to manage your Pre-Rolls from Ad Manager in a separate tutorial.

Creating a Pre-Roll Advertisement

  • Pre-Roll Ads are managed within the Audio section. To get started, go to Podcasts > Add Audio Pre-Roll.

add preroll

  • This will take you to the page where you can name, upload, and assign a pre-roll to a podcast.

add preroll screen

Pre-Roll Fields

  • Name your Pre-Roll: This name won’t be displayed on your website, but make it descriptive so you know what audio file the Pre-Roll represents.

name preroll

  • Upload the audio file of the Pre-Roll Advertisement or choose an existing file from your Media Library.

upload preroll mp3

  • Next, select the Podcast(s) you want to assign the Pre-Roll Ad to.

    • Any podcast you assign the ad to will have the ad play before episodes in those podcasts. If there are multiple Pre-Rolls, they will be used equally in the percentage of plays.

associate preroll with podcast

That’s it!  You can now publish the Pre-Roll and it will begin playing before episodes in the selected podcast(s).

Assigning Pre-Roll ads directly to Audio Episodes

As you learned in the Creating Audio Episodes tutorial, you can assign Pre-Roll ads directly to episodes. Pre-Rolls assigned directly to episodes take precedence over any Pre-Roll ads assigned to the podcast that the episode belongs to.

  1. Access the Edit Episode screen.

  2. In the Pre-Roll section, you can assign a Pre-Roll from the dropdown menu.

select pre-roll from dropdown

With this simple process, you can effectively manage Pre-Roll ads for your podcasts and episodes, making your content more monetizable and lucrative.