Audio Episode and Pre-Roll Stats

Podcasting Episode & Pre-Roll Stats Audio Episode and Pre-Roll Stats

Audio Episode and Pre-Roll statistics provide insights into the performance of your podcasts and track the reach of your advertiser’s pre-roll content.

Both Audio Episode and Pre-Roll statistics share identical functionality. In this tutorial, we will guide you through viewing Audio Episode statistics, keeping in mind that the process for Pre-Roll statistics is the same.

How to Access Audio Episode or Pre-Roll Statistics

  • To view Audio Episode Stats, click through to Podcasts > Podcast Stats
  • For Pre-Roll Stats, navigate to¬†Podcasts > Pre-Roll Stats

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All Podcasts Overview Stats

Initially, you’ll get a holistic view of the overall performance of all your podcasts.

  • At the top of the page, you’ll find an overview of the total plays and downloads for all your podcasts over the past seven days.
  • Additionally, there’s a graphical representation of this data over the same time period.
  • Below the graph, you’ll find a list of all your podcasts, accompanied by basic statistics for each one.

all podcasts stats

Viewing Individual Podcast Stats

To access the statistics for a specific podcast, click on the podcast’s title in the overview listing, and you’ll be directed to its dedicated statistics screen.podcast stats name

This will display the overview and individual episode stats for the selected podcast.

  • At the top, you’ll find the Plays and Downloads section along with a graph illustrating the data for the selected podcast.
  • Below that, you’ll discover statistics for each episode within the selected podcast, including details on plays and downloads.

podcast episode stats

  • In addition, you have the option to access statistics for Host Reads on this episode (if configured).
  • You can also explore Engagement Stats, as elaborated below.

episodes in stats

Demographic Insights

You can access demographic information about visitors who have engaged with individual episodes by selecting the Demographic Icon.

demographics icon

Demographics are only available for audience members who are subscribed to your VIP Club as they are the users for whom you collect demographic data for.

demographic stats episode

Episode Performance Trends

Listening Time

To track how engagement is maintained over the length of the episode, click the Chart Icon.

chart icon

This feature allows you to view a graphical representation of how long the episode was played by your audience and what the average duration was before dropoff.

listeners over time

Play and Downloads Over Time

To track how an episode’s plays and downloads perform over time, click the Bar Chart Icon.

bar chart icon

plays over time